Thursday, December 18, 2008


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I don't need to say much...
I mean look at this bike, It's called the Gangsta for 1.
for 2 the photo makes this bike pop!!
I probably should have just put this in my favorites but I wanted to share it.

I wish more people would ride bikes. Especially in the summer.
It would be nice to see more cyclist and less smog and bullshit gas prices. I mean you could save so much money by riding. It's so much fun as well you can get your ipod and cruise and learn to be more aware.
I have noticed how much more I am aware of my surroundings.
I cruise just to hear the wind in my ears..corny i know, but light weight that feeling is nice and like it!
So this spring I am purchasing a new bike.. either a concept or a new 09 capo black and white. not sure yet they are the same price around the 900 bracket .. if any knows where i could score a better deal let me know.

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