Saturday, December 13, 2008

Girl Talk 2008

Girl Talk 2008
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It felt like it should have, the temp was around 75 degrees
the Cool Kids just killed like 3 Dr. Dre beats...the beer was expensive but exactly what was needed that mixed with some super kind bud.
And all the sudden it happened!!

And for some reason it felt perfect I was with the only person I cared about at that moment and I felt like I was really in love like the movies kind. Like the soundtrack to some mushy chick flick.
And then the music went right into some more amazing mash ups for what seemed like all summer!!!
Suzie left for new york a few weeks later and I stayed and worked at pollyeyes riding my fixed gear and listening to Justice and Kid Cudi!
I got into Santo Gold, Trouble Andrew and DEMO from STEED LORD.
Went to new york for forth of July I can't lie Me and Suz had our first real tiff as bein ga couple I was just really annoyed by the rain the cops the view and the lack of food and being sweaty in the subway!

But after all of that it still felt good having her around me.
i starve for her love and like it when shes all cutesy
why not thats whats so greta about having a girl around teh ydo funny cute stuff so you don't have too lol. but I do anyways***

I hope everyones doing good and thanks for checking out my blog!! peace!!

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