Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Night Life snap!!!!

I Haven't seen night life that often lately.
All I have seen is a bunch of cookie cutter people pointing out the ginger bread men!

Like Can't a person go get drunk with his girl with out some guy "hitting" on him?

Like damn man I don't know you don't talk to me..why are you looking at me and calling me a fag?
I'm with a girl ..your with 4 dudes... I'm not checking you out .. your checking me out!! otherwise you wouldn't have said shit man!

I mean its cool if your gay thats your gig thats who you are but don't take out your insecure indirect confessions out on me!

And secondly, I love beautiful faces and hot bodies!!
I'm not gay but i can tell you who's not socially attractive by media standards! lol. sounds mean but guess what I don't have time to argue with ugly people and lifes to short to dance with fat chicks!

where are all the fuckin hot people with good taste... the jet set jazz swanky crowds????

word up to Suzie Lee aka Apple. and Veronica Zapata!!

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