Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tha Steez!!!

Tha Steez!!!
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Where everyone else has failed Tha Steez from columbus has succeeded.
3 Men who wanted to show the mid-west how it is.

How is the mid-west, you may ask?

weird,party,trip-hop, vocal collective freakshow!

You can listen to "Tha steez" aka Shy F.A.M.E. & This Just-In, backed by DJ G33kd Out. At WWW.THASTEEZ.BLOGSPOT.COM

This group definitely has potential and an already polished sound which works EXTREMELY well. The song "Kool Beanz "as well as "Take em out" Show a wide variety of sound and fun. a simple remanent of what Hip-hop would be like if we didn't take a decade to explain gangster rap.


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