Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DOXX x CULTURE VULTURE Exclusive Interview!

So I had to get at DOXX
this cats words are the street.
If Cleveland had more jobs, people would move to get closer to the hip hop scene.
With all the buzz coming from the Erie city this year.
( eh hmm Kid cudi chip and Al fatz).
One cannot over look the local up n up.

CV:How do you get up in the morning? like whats the routine?

Doxx:I hop up out the bed turn the stereo on, check up on then its straight to the shower.

CV:TRIPLE QUESTION..What should we expect from Doxx this summer?
Who you fuckin with these days?
Any callabos we should be warned about?

Doxx:This summer you can expect my debut street album "Lets Be Famous" and the "Pornostar (How I Like It)" music video as well as two mixtapes "Doxxicotton" and an untitled proect with Mick Boogie & Terry Urban.

CV:Whats this I hear about a mixtape? whats it gonna be called?

Doxx:3. I got my team that I've been going hard with but I fuck with everybody. I got unreleased songs that I recorded with Grafh, Al Fatz, The Kickdrums & M. Stacks. Shouts to my fam King Dom and Copywrite over @ Odot Records as well as my peoples over @ S.L.A.B. ENT.

CV:Any advice for the kids?

Doxx:My advice to the kids is work hard because you never know when it'll pay off.

CV:whats your favorite cartoon character?

Doxx:Tommy Pickles

CV:Do you have any plans for making moves anywhere?

Doxx: I'm gonna move where ever the music takes me.

Thanks for the interview man look forward to seeing you live at the "Grog shop in Cleveland with WALE this Friday the 24th of April fools!"

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