Friday, April 17, 2009

Mark J. Leonardi

Mark J. Leonardi, Architect AIA
966 Sixth Avenue South
Naples, Florida 34102

Me and my lil Suzie Lee, rocked out Naples for a week or so. And went on a "fun Run" to the Downtown area.
As we were walking after dark I noticed this lil architect shop with this building through the window.
I instantly took photos.

Anyway This house reminds me of my dreams, If I was tiny like a mouse I would throw house parties here!!!
I could fill the pool with beer!! lol. and burn lil logs in the fire place (the kind of logs that make you high).

Yo Riding my Track bike all day it was 70 degrees for the first time in months. I can feel the cigarettes trying to fuck me up!
but I quit. I'm a winter smoker.

blowin rings.

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