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Samantha Adrianna Diaz







A few Summers ago I got to meet up with this magnificently beautiful girl named Sammi,
Samantha Adrianna Diaz had flown in from AZ to hang out for the weekend and snap some flicks.
Her essence isn't of your typical beautiful girl model type attitude, It was in fact more like a girl you'd expect to meet on the playground when you were 6 yrs. old. You'd just sit in the mud around the merry-go-round and spit watermelon seeds and laugh at bugs. Yes this girl actually exists. But under all that sisterly cuteness lays this fresh faced knock out beauty Queen. Eager to take on everyday life.
With the perfect blend of sexy and edgy Samantha delivers a very clean look with piercing eyes, and huge, full locks of hair, combined with a flawless body Sammi D is a contender.

I stayed in contact over the years and decided to take a look at what she's been up to.

CV: Who's your favorite designer right now?

SD: My favorite designer... well, to be honest, though i appreciate high end designers and enjoy seeing their adds in the magazines and watching their shows i dont have too many "designer" items. my closet consist of thrift store/vintage items.

CV: What new music are you into?

SD: A good friend of mine introduced me to the black keys and i havent been able to get enough. their a perfect combination of smooth and sexy. do yourself a favor and treat yourself.

CV:If you had a choice between ice cream and cake which would you choose?

SD: Well i am lactose intolerant so thats a no on the ice cream but im not a fan of cake either. can i make up my own third option and suggest frozen yogurt or pineapple sherbert? (Smiles)

CV:How much is too much?

SD: Going back to the question number one, half the reason i dont have too much designer ish in my closet or thrown in my room is because its "too" much. my style changes with the season but its pretty consistent im a trendy, mismatching, girly, androgynous-type. someone told me the other day im like carrie from sex and the city. she wears things no one else would even think to put together but is somehow able to pull it off. i just dont care what people think if i dig it then i wear it.

CV: Any HOT tips for girls?

SD: HOT tips for girls...i think the hottest tip i can give is be yourself, do you, you live life once do what makes you genuinely happy. if that means picking up and leaving somewhere foreign, or buying that new dress youve been eyeing in the window, getting that hair cut. happiness exudes from within and a smile is the sexiest most captivating thing a person can wear.

CV: I want to know what drives you, what separates Samantha Diaz from Jane Smith? I feel like there is a Hollywood story hiding in you.

SD: So this isnt something i do often and thats let people know a bit about my dark past. but fuck it im going to dive in and hope in the end it helps make an a positive influence.

i am adopted. i was adopted by my aunt and uncle when i was a baby. my real mother and father were two of the most well known dealers in az. they were the middle men between here and mexico. i stayed in contact with them and grew up always knowing who they were and what they did. i was never sheltered from the truth and i wouldnt have had it any other way. seeing the shit i saw and experiencing the shit i did helped me grow as an individual. made me mature and more aware of the real world and all the evils in it. i learned a lot through the mistakes of my biological parents. i know that the circumstances of drugs money and materialistic things gets you no where. you inevitably hurt the people closest to you. its far too easy to fall in lust with nice things money can buy you and to give into the powerful addiction of a drug. i wont go near drugs... money makes me nervous as hell. if i didnt earn it through good labor then i feel its not mine to have. money doesnt drive me, love does.

my father passed away after having an overdose when i was thirteen. my mother still lives in the same place she did when they were together. ive seen the ghetto ive seen a lot of things that bring me serious heartache to even think about. all of this and more is why i want to start my own non-profit for homelessness and drug abuse. my goal is to have it off the ground by the time im twenty-five.

so thats a little something more personal haha im kind of scared to put that out there i dont want it to seem like im putting my fam on blast but its the truth and i love them regardless. i wouldnt be who i am without them.


Thank you so much for this interview Sammi Love to pieces.

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These photoswere shot by MICHAEL FRANCO photography.

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