Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sole searchin Columbus!! Mid-west on the map!



Summers in Ohio are pretty nice most of the time. The days are not to hot ad the nights are perfect for pushin bikes and skateboards. But the best part of Ohio is the night life in Columbus. And if your gonna look frickity fresh this summer you need to be pickin up some gear from Sole Classics.

I linked up with The owner and co-founder Aaron Conroy for a lil taste of whats up!

CV: Where are you located?-for people who are unaware.

SC:1. We're located in the Short North Arts District in Columbus, Ohio.
765 N. High St. 43215.

CV: How did you start up the store and why? and why the short north?

SC:The idea for the store came late summer 2005. My business partner and I had done quite a bit of traveling and had seen stores similar to ours popping up in major cities all over the country. We saw an opportunity to open a shop in Columbus and land the high tier accounts that were coveted by sneaker collectors. We chose the Short North because it's really the only area in Columbus that isn't a mall and has great shopping and foot traffic.

CV:What do you expect to be hot this summer?

SC:Nike is always hot. We've been moving AM90 Currents at a pretty decent pace and the the new RT1's have been blowing out the door.

CV:How you feel about the whole yeezy trend?

SC: I don't know if I'd call it a Yeezy trend. They are a limited edition drop that everyone wants. There is no word yet on if there is going to be more releases or a wider release after these initial three shoes. That combined w/ the fact that it's a new style w/ Kanye's name attached makes them highly desirable. Personally I think the shoe is pretty cool and would love to have it in the shop. Unfortunately, for some reason, none of the high tier sneaker shops in Ohio got a run.

CV:Mad people love the interior of your store. Who planned that idea and who is the artist?

SC:The interior of our store was done by a friend of ours, Raskoe. He was finishing up at Ohio State Art School when I met him. The idea came after we were open for about 2 months and felt we needed to liven up the interior of our store. We knew he had a ton of talent and essentially let him do whatever he wanted artistically. We think it turned out pretty nice. For more info on Raskoe, he has a blog

We do have a website. It's updated rather frequently.

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