Monday, November 16, 2009

The great return!

So I have returned to my blog
to Bring on new adventures and more inside information!

I have moved to Columbus Ohio
I am writing & riding at least once a day.
My pictures are becoming more of a staple in my life I have been busy following stars.
My best friend is making some of the best music I heard, since I was a child.

Making a new world of film, music and great times.
I recall going to punk shows when I was young and foolish, crowd surfing and lighting shit on fire. I remember jumping off stages and kissing random girls.
I admire the troubles of our youth and how they shape us into ever changing machines built for the industry. I have seen the transformation of a musical circus and watched as one clown at a time has failed. I love this life it has been good!

grew up broke met in the middle now I escalate into the light! snap snap!!

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