Friday, January 15, 2010

Never Ending Winter....The Digiraatii Story

Digiraatii>>>> Goes Hard!!!

Columbus is beginning to grow on me. The winters Suck in Ohio but I been keepin the nites hot with Digiraatii spinning super dope Bangers!!
Is it me or is it time for heavy metal to make a come back?
I think that DJ's are finally getting the status they deserve!
I also feel like there is a cash crop growing deep in the roots of Ohio Cleveland/Columbus is merging and becoming pretty fresh Lets find out what happens over the next few months?

Anyways these pics are a taste of the good shit that went down!


  1. yup, fuxx w/ digiraatii and the whole ohio scene

  2. What the hell?? are you serious? lol but fuck ohio.. def not these guys..