Sunday, April 25, 2010

Could You be more Rude?

I hope so.
I been getting into trouble a lot lately. I have the tendency to say what I feel, and for some reason thats not good? Since when is it rude to tell the truth? "You smell, Your stupid when your drunk, you drive like an asshole" Well I least I'm honest, I won't take your last cig, drink your last beer, or wipe my hands on your bath towel. But I will tell you your white socks look awful with your black shoes, I will comment on your lame ass status' and I will kick you the fuck out of the car for trying to tell me how to drive. (HAHA) Over all your a good person and a great singer, your hair looks great, and your smile is nice.(looks can be deceiving) lol.
So be honest everyone and do your self a favor get a tan- from the sun. smile and enjoy a spiked lemonade.GGUUUCCCIII!

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