Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thinking -LEVEL- headed.

So it's been a grip since I went to Level, It's nice to take photos there, everything looks so vibrant!
I met up with Christina B, Amanda J,  Gabrielle, Megan G. and all the initial people!! lol Kareem was in full effect being awesome! P.T. Fuller in the spot getting properly lit. I can't wait to just relax all summer, work the barista gig, and enjoy the good times with good people!!

Yeah Dj Pastel and all the girlies gettin down!!
Love Killin it with these cats, speaking of cats wait till you see Gabby's Pants!!! "Fuckin Thunda Katz!"
Anyways Kareem's bike looked good outside.


  1. great pix the second one down almost looks like your mom awhile back in time

  2. Yeah, That's funny becuz thats my good homie Cristina B. She's awesome!!