Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I party sometimes...

I go out and do random shit, run into random people, and pretty much get randy.
Woke up put new handlebars on my bike, tighten my bottom bracket a bit, Thanks To Dan @ Paradise Garage!
I play around all day in the sun meet up with Eric T from T-town Lemon Grass shrimp Tempura.
Shop Brigade get cheap monday Glasses to with stand the long day light hours that hold me from my darkness....
But sometimes it's tooo random for instance. I go to a party they allow no cameras, Greg Zucco vouches for me.(camera issue solved) grazie! I run into L.A. Confidential spinning @ World Peace, shoot snap shoot. Run into "Jason Rage" get drunk, get High,snappy snap snap snap.
Wake up trippin out about these photos lol.

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