Monday, April 5, 2010

Restaurant Rules.. 1-5....

Eating out is a privilege, you can go home and eat, it's cheaper and healthier(depending on what your eating).
So with that said here's the Rules That we kitchen and wait staff feel you should all know.

Rule #1. If it's 5 minutes to close and you sit down, your getting the worst meal you ever had at a restaurant.
Not because of spitting, stepping on, or dropping the food, that would never happen.......... But because you ordered food at around the same time the kitchen is being cleaned and all the prepped items have been counted, wrapped and sealed up and put away. Your enjoying a soggy salad and a half burnt burger and greasy fries becuz they were the last fries cooked (30 minutes ago) and they got "double dipped" in the fryer.Your salad sat open all day with sweat from the hot room building up on it and your burger was left on the grill while sweeping up the days mess.
So on your way into the food gorging venue of your choice, take a look at the hours.. and tread carefully.

Rule #2. No one thinks your kid is cute, You know what people think about people who use their kids to be slobs, (REAL QUOTES)
-"Aww sorry my son spilled soda while trying to draw on your table with mascara"-"isn't she cute with her lil milk mustache."
No not actually because directly below the mustache is a shirt,shoes to floor beard that I gotta mop up.

3-5....... be continued.........

read this in the meantime..

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