Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I grew up in a time when 10 was young to smoke cigarettes but we did it anyways.
We drank beers and bombed trained with beautiful colors. Black n milds were for O.G.'s with Stacey Adams. We all had names like Rizzo, Peewee and Smiley. Spice 1 played on cd boomboxes.
I never thought that people were just flat out shit talkers. If you opened your mouth on some aggressive shit we beat your ass. You fucked one of our girls we kicked your door in and took you by your hair and fucked your world up. We drank 40's and barbecued at the basketball courts. Smoking joints and using roach clips. Dickies in all black with extra long web belts. Two cuts on the brows to show which side we were from. There wasn't any" he said,she said" shit, people said shit out loud in front of everybody.
There wasn't any speculation of who was fuckin up who's money and what broads and dudes were doing what. I guess I'm romancing the culture of a brutal lifestyle in which i was raised.
I can't take it back, I lost my virginity, drank my first beers, smoked my first joint, counted my first stack and earned my respect in the hood.
People are getting soft, a bunch of punk bitches hiding behind words. Go ahead and talk shit, I'll fuckin hit you while your talking.

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